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Antonio Freyelli Flies into PGN

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Name: Antonio Freyelli
DOB - November '75
Birthplace - North Yankton

Born in North Yankon, Antonio's father, (AlbertoFreyelli), worked directly for Vincenzo Freyelli, Antonio's uncle, the founder and boss of the Sea Side Family. After several arrests as a young teenager, Vincenzo took Antonio under his wing and schooled him alongside with Vincenzo's son and Antonio's Cousin "Fat Dom", the pair rose through the ranks running the various crews of Sea Side, and quickly became made men and eventually capos. After his father passed away, Fat Dom became the boss, he then named Antonio his underboss. Life carried on as usual until a dispute broke out with the Barzini family.

Many lives and good men were lost in this glorified turf battle. After the murder of Fat Dom Freyelli, Sea Side retaliated and killed the Barzini boss, Angelo Barzini. There was a street war for six months and after losing about 15 of their made men, the Barzini's called a truce. The commission voted they pay a restitution of 2 million to Sea Side. Afterwards the beef settled down however, there was so much heat from local, state and federal agencies the family decided to move on to greener pastures and ended up in Los Santos. The family owns and operates a food and beverage management firm, as well as various duties under the umbrella of the Barrington International Group of Distributors, Investors, Collections, Knowledge and Sales (NYSE: BIGDICKS). The family operates in the gun trade, wire fraud, extortion and racketeering, as well as assisting 'friends of ours' as the occasion arises. 



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