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Hello from a scooby kid

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So yes I said kid in title but no I am not a kid....this is an old saying from late 80s early 90s for those morons who are fans of playing detective like Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew or Harvey boys and ironically the Scooby Gang.

My name is Kaylin, I have been a roleplayer for most of my life playing in and running various tabletop games, an rper in the past for various mmos (Mostly just FFXIV now), and a former special effects artist for media on the side of my old post office carrier. I have always enjoyed playing social detective types or support healer types so am trying currently to apply for the law enforcement here.  I have spent some decent time on both RDR2 FiveM and GTA FiveM rp servers, but sadly there was too much ooc for many of the servers I joined. After seeing a few videos over the last few months of this server, I decided this could be a good fit to try. 

If all does wind up fitting well, I will probably try to apply to play another character that is a Lawyer or judge type for fun or maybe a fbi character.

One thing that always does keep me coming back is roleplaying relations be it family, friends, ect. Having others around to play off like an improve theater class always is entertaining and relaxing even when it is doing the basics of a scene. As for my availability if I do get accepted to play, I am legally disabled now so I am not allowed to work giving me much of the day to hang out and roleplay unless I have plans with friends. I am on eastern standard time and usually am awake from around 8am till 2am. 

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