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Greetings from Beer Man

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Ello you lot, the name is Snōw!

First and foremost, I am an avid beer lover. I spend much of my online time in a Minecraft Group called State where experiments are held by lovely creators and I help with Applications, Chat moderation and anything else I can! I am also a PC enthusiast: I love to build and fix PCs and laptops. I may not need the parts in my PC, but having a matching theme and such is very intriguing to me and fun!

In the real world, I work in a steel mill where we smelt steel and cast it. An arduous job, but something I've found to quite enjoy! I am also a football (soccer) fan, being a fan of the clubs Hertha Berlin and Manchester City (There is an actual reason for City, not just money LOL). I also play football pretty much weekly and enjoy the concepts of tactics and coaching.

As previously said, I am an avid beer lover, going for Lagers mainly. The discord community I am apart of know me as the Beer Man or as an Alcohol Connoisseur.

Of course, feel free to ask my questions to get to know me, as I would love to meet you all! Cheers and take care! 🍻




An Avid Beer Drinker




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