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Hello!  I'm Nerdy, I applied but was denied sadly but I'm going to retry next time I'm able!  I hope to be able to make friends and hang out here soon.


I'm 19 but I'll be 20 in October!  I'm new to FiveM, but I'm a veteran in roleplay in text format, as well as from DND (Dungeons and dragons) and other tabletops, I used to play Garry's mod dark rp a lot, but I stopped playing after a while due to rampant RDMing.  I don't know all the lingo yet specific to GTA RP but I'm hoping to learn!


I'm a lover of History, Mythology, Horror Movies, and True Crime.  I can ramble about any of these topics for hours if people let me, and in fact, I have.  I get distracted easily and play quite a few games such as TF2, CSGO, Hitman, Payday2, Skyrim, and quite a few others so if I'm not in GTA I'm there.  And finally, my favourite GTA story mode character is, Trevor Philips.  I think he's an interesting and charming character, and very funny.

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