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Greetings new friends!

You can call me Scott, or Fields. (Name is Scott Fields)

I'm a 36-year-old gamer nerd like the rest of you, and frequently find myself enjoying my time on the interwebz. Been a role player for as long as I can remember, got started in Dungeons & Dragons when I was about seven, and have been stuck in such fantasy worlds ever since.

Big, big, Star Wars nerd, and I have a love of horror movies that is nearly unsurpassed. I've worked in Haunted Houses since I was 14, and I'm currently working towards owning my own soon. I've a love for Special Effects Make Up and have been trying to really perfect my game for the last few years.

Gaming wise, I played Star Wars Galaxies (Yep, I'm that old) from 2004-2010 when it finally shut down. Shout out to any fellow Ahazians lurking in the background! Since closure, I've had a rough time finding any sort of game to capture me the same way, but found a new love of RP when I stumbled on FiveM back in 2015. I have a strong love-hate relationship with Dead By Daylight, mainly due to being only a Killer for all these years. 😄

Been a fan of the PGN content for over a year, and when my last server finally shut down, I decided to join up here and see what kinda stories could be made. Looking forward to playing with all of you, and building memorable moments and friendships to last.

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