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Public Introduction: Hemmington

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Hey Gamers. My name is Hemmington, i am sweet 23 y/o and your everyday normal German 🍺 🌭.
I've been thinking about playing GTA V quite a while, just recently friends showed me the Vid's of jmw and it kinda grew on me.
Outside of here i am a huge roleplayer, may it be DND, VTM, MMOs, Online-Forums and LARP, in other words i am a total Nerd. Some of my hobbies include collecting plants and caring for them, being gay and doing crimes, curating cursed memes and fetching the souls of innocents (Thats funny cuz i am a Ginger). Also know a lot about biology and science in general.

Hope we get along, if you have any questions just let me know. 


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