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    • This document is subject to change or be updated at any time. 
    • We are in no way affiliated with any Law Enforcement agency or Fire & Rescue agency.
    • All staff members have the ability to punish any members who fail to uphold the policies that we have here on ProGamerNetwork. 

    Section 1 - Respect:

    • All members of ProGamerNetwork are required to demonstrate an excellent level of respect to one another on all platforms. Insulting or being toxic to other members is unacceptable and will result in disciplinary action.
    • Slandering of any and all members of ProGamerNetwork is prohibited. I.E. derogatory, bigoted, sexist terms, threats, etc; Any member caught violating this rule will face disciplinary actions including permanent banishment from the community. 
    • Sexual harassment is PROHIBITED within this community. No exceptions!
    • Do not hit on, flirt with or harass any other members in or out of RP. You can make people very uncomfortable and this kind of disrespect is unacceptable. This can result in immediate removal regardless of prior warnings.
      • Although we understand that a lot of you are grown adults and what you decide to do in your own time with other adult members of the server is your own business. Unwanted flirting or harassing someone is an instant ban regardless of whether it is a first offence. If the person comes to us and they are unhappy about your advances then you will be banned from the community. 
      • It is your responsibility to verify how old the person you are speaking to is. Remember that people in this community range from 13 and above and people in the whitelist server are 16 and above. We consider the age of consent to be 18 (the age of consent in your own country is irrelevant), if anyone is caught making advances, sending illicit message/pictures or anything of a provocative nature towards a minor, we will not hesitate to ban you and will not accept "I didn't know they were underage" as an excuse. You are the adult here, not them.
      • We are not here to mediate your relationship drama. If you date someone and end up breaking up then leave the other person alone but involving the staff team in your drama and using us to enact some petty revenge is just cringeworthy at best.
    • Respect towards the staff team is required by all members of the community. You are NOT required to agree with all staff decisions. If you feel you were punished unfairly, fill out an IA or Internal Affairs report to have your case reviewed.
    • Do not be disrespectful, rude or raise your voice to any staff/command members under any circumstances. Please use the correct channels to give feedback if you are unhappy about anything. All Staff/Command reserve the right to disconnect you from the VC.
    • Arguing with any members, in or outside of the game, is not allowed. If you witness this action taking place, report it to a staff member. 
    • Swearing excessively in the Discord or Server is prohibited.

    Section 2 - Chain of Command (CoC):

    • When dealing with an issue or concern, whether for your department, or staff concern, Chain of Command is to be followed at all times.

    Section 3 - In-Game Rules: 

    • No Random Deathmatch (RDM), Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM), or revenge killing. This is a FiveM roleplay, not a match of Call of Duty. If caught performing any of these actions in-game, you will be met with fierce administrative action.
    • Playing COPYRIGHTED music IS NOT ALLOWED at any times. There are people constantly recording or streaming on social media and we don’t want them to become a felon. 
    • Common sense is a MUST on the server.
    • Fear RP is to be in effect at all times when playing on the server. This means that if someone is holding a gun up to your head, then you would be scared.
    • Trolling is an INSTANT ban. This entails: Using troll menus, disobeying staff, racist or sexist rp, ruining rp as a whole, etc;
    • Race or controversial political subjects should never be brought into RP under any circumstances
    • Driving must remain realistic at all times, However Vehicle damage will be based on the script.
    • You are not to use your vehicle as a ramming weapon unless your life is in immediate danger, you may use an open door to stop targets or aggressors. Under no circumstances should you ever use your vehicle as a weapon against monsters or paranormal entities, rolling an immortal being under your vehicle for five minutes back and forth is fail rp.
    • Cop baiting is not allowed. Don’t follow a cop with the sole purpose of getting him to go after you. If caught cop baiting, you will face administrative actions.  
    • No mic spamming while in game.
    • DO NOT use NoClip to gain an advantage during roleplay, it can be used to enhance the roleplay, for example using doors that don’t work, sitting in chairs and climbing ladders but using it to gain an unfair advantage (for example escaping from LEO) or Metagaming can result in immediate removal. You can also use it to get to places on the map before you start your RP.
    • YOU MUST STAY IN-CHARACTER AT ALL TIMES! If you break character while in-game, you may be kicked, and or striked. If you have a problem, take it outside of the game.
    • DOWNTIMING is against the rules, if you are caught doing so you will be removed. Owners can enforce this however they choose.
    • Admins have the final say in all situations. Admins can also enforce unwritten rules and or policies.
    • When using /report please outline the reason for the report and which department they are rping as. Do not be disrespectful and use swear words. 
    • Fanboying over the owners/content creators is not allowed and any unnecessary interference with their scenes or RP’s can result in an immediate removal. 
    • ERP (roleplay involving sexual activities) is not allowed on the server and anyone caught doing so will be banned immediately. 
    • Unless Approved by Staff no person is authorized to use NAMETAGS under any circumstance, for reports use /IDS
    • No Pocket Wiping, LEO are not permitted to take items from players that are not relevant to the crime committed or can’t reasonably assume is an illegal item by simply the look of it.
    • Players are unable to steal credit cards from other players or force them to empty their bank accounts, any money stolen must be cash on hand.
    • Any MLO will always be unfamiliar to people unless learned from an active case. This means you forget about any secret room after the case is done.
    • No Thermal Vision or Scope unless used by a Helicopter.
    • No cheating during jobs such as using No-clip if caught punishments can include demotions as well as removal.
    • Players are unable to work any Civilian Job when they are using their LEO Department character.
    • Any loss of money due to bugs requires video proof before compensation will be made.

    Section 4 - Discord Rules:

    • No racism, derogatory statements, or sexual talks on Discord. You will face removal from the community if caught breaking this policy. 
    • No inappropriate, racist, sexual, or derogatory names on the Discord. 
    • No inappropriate, racist, sexual, or derogatory status displays or profile pictures on the Discord. 
    • No mic spamming or excessive tagging of any members on the Discord.
    • NO DDOSING AND OR DOXXING OF ANY MEMBERS OR THE SERVER! If you’re caught doing any of the stated actions, you will be banned from the community, and possibly reported to the authorities. DDosing and Doxxing is a federal crime. 
    • Do not ping staff for no reason

    Section 5 - Discipline and Punishments:

    • All members are subject to the following punishment from Jr. Admin +
    1. Talk with staff member(s)
    2. Staff warning
    3. Strike
    4. Game Kick
    5. Removal from department
    6. Discord kick
    7. Department blacklist
    8. Banishment from the server and communication outlets. (TS and Discord)
    • If you feel you were falsely punished, fill out an IA report.
    • All discussions with the staff team are to remain confidential. If caught spreading information, you may face punishment including a ban.

    Section 6 - Recording and Streaming:

    • You are allowed to stream on ProGamerNetwork freely. In fact, you are allowed to link your stream information in a text chat on the discord to alert other members that you are live. This can be posted under the #pgn-member-streams channel. You must delete your link once you are finished.
    • You may also post any videos under the #pgn-member-videos channel. Ensure your video follows the policies found under this section.
    • Ensure you represent ProGamerNetwork in a positive manner. You are not allowed to break any rules for special reasons. You don’t have immunity when it comes to being a streamer. 
    • When live, make sure you can suppress gameplay and or audio in the event you are talked to by staff, or any other unknown instances arise. 
    • Make sure you don’t include confidential staff encounters in any videos or streams. If caught, you will face administrative action.

    Section 7 - Privacy:

    • All information that YOU personally share is at your own risk. We can not accept responsibility for your info being spread.
    • All ProGamerNetwork IP (Intellectual Property) belongs to this community. If caught distributing PGN documents or other material, you will face punishment.

    Section 8 -  Staff and Administration

    • Admins are considered to be the leaders of the community. They are to be shown the utmost respect.
    • Refrain from alerting an admin, head admin, or owner for a situation, without talking to a Moderator first. This is applied within the chain of command rule.
    • Do not contact the owners for silly reasons. Only contact them if you have been instructed to. 

    Section 9 - Respect outside of PGN 

    • If you’re caught in or OUT of the community being racist, transphobic, homophobic, harassing or even bullying a member, punishments will apply heavily. (This is usually a ban and blacklist).
    • Do not go onto other servers and troll as you may face disciplinary action here if you are reported to us. 
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