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    • This document is subject to change or be updated at any time.
    • We are in no way affiliated with any Law Enforcement agency or Fire & Rescue agency.
    • All staff members have the ability to punish any members who fail to uphold the policies that we have here on ProGamerNetwork. 


    Question 1: When are applications open?

    • All applications for all departments are currently OPEN! The departments include: San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP), Blaine County Sheriff's Office (BCSO), Los Santos Police Department (LSPD), San Andreas Fire Department (SAFD), and Civilian Operations.


    Question  2: How many applications can I submit?

    • This depends on which department. For the civilian department, you may reapply after a 1 week notice of denial. This is different for each department. The general rule of thumb is to submit one application EVERY 30 DAYS.


    Question 3: Can I play with the owners? (ProGamerDude, JMWFilms)?

    • The owners of the server frequently RP here, so the short answer is yes. However, make sure you realize the FANBOY policy is still in effect. Fanboying will result in an instant REMOVAL from the community. 


    Question 4: Can I play on the server but not be a member?

    • No. You must be a whitelisted member in order to have access. This can be done simply by applying for a department and being accepted. 


    Question 5: How old must I be to join the server?

    • Age limits for each department can be found in the #apply-here channel on the main ProGamerNetwork Discord. MATURITY OR NOT, UNDERAGE APPLICANTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!


    Question 6: Can I be a member of another community and still play here?

    • Yes. We used to have a dual-clan policy, however we recently removed it.


    Question 7: How can I sign up for the staff team?

    • Staff members are those who have been with our community for a long time. We currently do not have a physical application for one to fill out. However, if you show continuous dedication in our community, a staff member may reach out to you for a possible position within our team. 


    Question 8: How can I donate?



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