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  • Our Mission The Los Santos Police Department strives to protect the citizens of Los Santos and prevent crime throughout the city and improve the overall safety of Los Santos. The Los Santos Police Department accomplishes just that, through the use of high-tech equipment and elite training, the LSPD is able to neutralize even the greatest of threats. Our greatest concern is the safety of each and every citizen and visitor of Los Santos. We believe that respect is earned, not given, which is why we reciprocate the kindness shown to us by the citizens of Los Santos.

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  • We here to Serve

    and to Protect,

                  Believe in Us


  • Sub Divisions


    A designated law enforcement team whose members are recruited, selected, trained, equipped and assigned to resolve critical incidents involving a threat to public safety which would otherwise exceed the capabilities of traditional law enforcement first responders and/or investigative units.

    Port Authority

    The Unit was founded for the purpose of having officers able to provide assistance and also maintain the law on any open water and in the areas of the ports, marinas and the airports. Our goal is to prevent any misuse of vessels and maintain the sea and aviation laws. On top of that we work closely with ICE and CBP when it comes down to our sea and aerial borders

    Air Support Unit

    Started in October 2022 the LSPD's Air Support Unit has been PGN's premier flying law enforcement service. When dispatched to a scene, ASU will always perform. Apart from having their vantage point in the sky, the crew are able to coordinate the operations of ground units readily. The team is designed as an on-call, mission-ready task force unity fulfilling the need for necessary air support. At this stage, we are the only airborne LEO unit within LSPD, so we are tasked with assisting everyone

    Criminal Investigations Division

    The mission of the Criminal investigations is to find criminals/fugitives before they commit any type of horrific crimes against the State of San Andreas. They will also be given investigations where they need to find evidence and solve each crime.

    Gang Intelligence Unit

    The mission of Gang Intelligence Unit is to disrupt violent street gangs and the means by which they support their lifestyle, including the manufacture, transportation, sale and use of illicit drugs, and sales of firearms in the city of Los Santos.

    Community Traffic Services Unit

    The Department of Road Safety specializes in traffic enforcement. They are trained to handle higher priority situations. This includes MVA’s, Pursuits, and many other scenarios.

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  • High Command

    Chief Of Police

    Xander Green

    Assistant Chief


    Deputy Chief

    Orange J.


    Rocky Goat



  • Command Staff




  • Command Staff In Training

    Staff Sergeant

  • Supervisors


  • Supervisors In Training


  • Patrol Staff

    Sr. Officer


  • Academy Staff


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