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  • Our Mission Statement

    The main objective of the Blaine County Sheriff's Office and Los Santos Sheriff's Police is to safeguard all citizens within the state. We are equipped to deal with most problems we might come across while out on patrol and are here to prevent and stop any crime. You can rest assured that out trained deputies are looking out for you. All we want in return is for you to be nice and respectful, as these qualities must be earned. Our primary goal is to increase general safety so the majority can feel safe.



  • History Of The Department

    In July 2020, the Blaine County Sheriff's Office was established. Eddie Freeman was chosen by the Administrator team to be the Sheriff However, he is not currently in that position of leadership. The command team and the current sheriff Tony Towers will keep working toward the department's objectives and goals. The Department of BCSO advises that you familiarize yourself with the guidelines so there is no misunderstanding.


  • Blaine County Sheriff's Office Subdivisions

    Special Weapons and Tactics

    The Sheriff SWAT is a law enforcement team that is specifically constructed with its members being carefully chosen, well-trained, and equipped to address urgent situations that regular patrols cannot handle. Applications are currently open for all Deputy’s within the Sheriff’s Office.

    Street Crimes & Investigations Unit

    The unit responsible for looking into crime scenes and other scenes is known as the Sheriff's Investigations Unit. We are the ones who identify the perpetrators of crimes so that we can prosecute them. Due to the fact that we are multi-agency, we will collaborate with the investigation teams of other departments. Within SIU, we also have qualifications for dealing with gang activities, drugs, and firearms. They are the primary unit that goes out to make the arrest so that the primary investigator can question the suspect.

    Air and Marine Support Unit

    The BCSO's Air and Marine Support Unit has a wide range of operational areas, making it a particularly adaptable unit. Its main duty is to help and support our deputies and other agencies by using our air and boats to catch offenders off guard or to aid in search operations. AMSU has a number of specialised Teams that work to the best of their abilities to serve Blaine County using cutting-edge techniques and tools, such as our Search and Rescue and Dive Team. Applications are currently open for all Deputy’s within the Sheriff’s Office.

    Traffic Enforcement Unit

    All residents' safety on and off the road is guaranteed by the Traffic Enforcement Unit. We make sure that Blaine County residents drive safely and abide by all the rules and regulations that have been established. We accomplish this through a variety of techniques. DUI Checkpoints: Establish a checkpoint with other TEU Deputies to ensure that people are driving safely and not intoxicated. To make sure that our truck drivers are not exempt from this as well as the fact that they do pose a threat to the road, commercial vehicle enforcement, or CVE, was established. Within the Traffic Enforcement Unit, we watch out for all of these factors. The Sheriff's Office is presently accepting applications from all Deputy positions.


    Correctional staff keep a close eye on inmates to ensure their safety and supervision. Applying the provided rules and guidelines helps them do this. Cells may need to be checked, incident reports gathered, and convicts may need to be restrained. You will receive respect and decency from the corrections staff. They will help you grow into a law-abiding citizen of the community. Applications are now being accepted for the brand-new sub-department of Corrections.

    Game Warden

    The BCSO's Game Warden section has a variety of different priorities. People in Blaine County are our top priority. We clean up trails, remove dangerous objects, and ensure that visitors don't disturb protected areas as part of our ongoing maintenance and protection of the wilderness for people to explore in safety. We also have a responsibility to ensure that everyone is hunting and fishing legally. We examine hunting permits to make sure people aren't wasting food or catching animals illegally. SAR is our last main responsibility; we take part in numerous different search and rescue missions, such as those involving missing persons or those who become stranded in unusual areas. All information is available in the discord, and applications are presently open.

    [K-9] Canine Unit

    With the help of highly mobile, specifically trained Sheriff's canines, the K-9 Division of the BCSO equips law enforcement officials in the state of San Andreas. In order to locate items or drugs swiftly, the K-9 Team has specific qualities that are useful in the search process. K-9s with extensive training can also be utilised to track down criminals and safeguard Sheriff's Office Deputy’s. The Canine subdivision has been suspended due to inactivity but may resume at a later time. (SUSPENDED)

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  • Executive Staff

    Sheriff - Tony Towers

    Undersheriff - TBA

    Assistant Sheriff - TBA

    Chief Deputy - TBA


    Command Oversee

    Commander - Jordyn Baxter

    Major - SteWie Anderson

    Major - Costa Nomikos

    Command Team

    Captain - Trombone

    Lieutenant - Evan Swanson

    Lieutenant - Sean goat

    Detective Lieutenant - Wilson Tab


    Supervisory Staff

    Staff Sergeant


    Detective Sergeant


    Detective Corporal

    Probationary Corporal

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