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BUS OF TERROR - Cultist takeover?




During the late night hours of 12am - 3am a green and white bus was driving around Sandy Shores causing nothing but chaos.

LEO were hesitant about stopping the bus, and while they were causing havoc, police took their time.

After an hour of terror, police finally stepped in where they got into a 3 second pursuit which resulted in the bus crashing into a tree instantly.

Officers scramble onto the scene and soon the bus was completely stopped. Multiple suspects were held in the bus, most notably a famous YouTuber "Night Owl", being the driver of the bus, he was the one held accountable for the damage and chaos perused today.



Statements were provided by the suspects on the bus, and a BCSO officer. Thankfully, one of the statements was given by Night Owl himself, and quoted this

"I collected a big fanbase, and crew... its the power of the banana bus."

A Statement provided by BCSO Officer Jason Rhriker read

"A bunch of annoying ass clowns pulled up and caused shit"


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