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Playboy Mansion Raid - BCSO, SAHP, & LSPD (9pm - 10:15pm)




Multiple shots heard from the mansion located at 648, officers from BCSO, LSPD, and SAHP respond full force with armored vehicles and SWAT. After breaching the gates of the mansion, shots are heard from inside the mansion.

Moments later cops regroup at the front door and breach swiftly into the building, which ended up with shots and explosions cooking off almost immediately.

15 minutes pass and smoke is leaking from the building and filling the outside air, all while shots are still firing from inside the building.

These shots continue for half an hour before a cease fire & screams echo from inside, and officers running out carrying the wounded. 

Statements were given to the reporter on scene and we were told this; "Yea, we heard shots coming from the mansion and we decided to raid... once we got there and breached inside we saw ghosts, and monsters, it really freaked me out" which he continued with "it might of been because im high? I smoked a fat one before coming here". Astoundingly multiple officers agreed with his statement...so from what we can tell it is true.






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