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  • Our Mission Statement

    The main purpose within the Blaine County Sheriff's Office is to protect all citizens within Blaine County and Los Santos. We are equipped to manage most problems we may run into on patrol, and we are here to prevent and stop any crime.



  • Our Creed

    I will always be painfully HONEST,

    Work as hard as I can,

    LEARN as much as I can and

    Hopefully, MAKE A DIFFERENCE in

    People's lives.

  • Blaine County Sheriff's Office Subdivisions

    Special Weapons and Tactics

    S.W.A.T provides various specialized services throughout San Andreas. It is currently composed of five details that give these services. SWAT is a full-time unit that consists of five details. TFO, Crisis Negotiator, Crisis Sniper, EOD and RIOT.

    Street Crimes & Investigations Unit

    The Detective Division mission is to support the overall mission of the Sheriff’s Department by providing the highest quality criminal investigative services on a countywide basis for cases that require highly specialized knowledge or skills for successful conclusions.

    Air and Marine Support Unit

    To provide Air Support to patrol and specialized units of the Los Angeles Police Department. To enhance officer and public safety, reduce the incidence of crime and thus reduce the fear of crime. To accomplish this mission, we will provide rapid response, tactical insight and airborne assessments of incidents, in a safe and professional manner.

    Traffic Enforcement Unit

    Traffic enforcement is one of the core functions of the Traffic Enforcement Unit. Traffic Enforcement Unit operations utilize specialized patrol vehicles and detection equipment to address general traffic concerns. These teams are directed to areas experiencing high crash rates and complaints of violations. Traffic enforcement activity levels are primarily dictated by staffing levels and the degree to which enforcement personnel are diverted to other irregular assignments that fall within that unit's purview.


    The Canine Division of the BCSO exist to provide law enforcement officers within the state of San Andreas with highly mobile, specially trained Sheriff’s dogs. The Canine Team has attributes in searching for items or narcotics which can quickly facilitate their location. In addition to this, highly trained Canine can be uses to apprehend suspects and protect Sheriff’s Office personnel

    Game Warden

    Our primary mission is conserving, protecting, and enhancing wildlife, fish, and plants for the good and benefit of the San Andreas Citizens. We work to ensure a healthy environment for both people and wildlife through conservation, education, and enforcement efforts.

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  • High Command



    Assistant Sheriff




    Chief Deputy






    Staff Sergeant


    Detective Sergeant

    Traffic Sergeant


    Detective Corporal

    Probationary Corporal

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